Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thesis: Long-term Parapsychological effects of Possession on the Living

SynopsisPossession by spirits is a fact of life in both ancient and modern times. In todays world, those who can manipulate Astral space and better control those spirits have the unique ability to harness the spirit's power. Over time, however, this can be dangerous and leave the subjects, those practitioners of magic, wonting for more. More power, more control.

This all-consuming desire can become destructive and addictive if not held in check. This work will delve deep into the world of Possession; from the historic societies who embraced them, to the modern occult who uses this power to further their goals.

(OOC: This is the Thesis Ordeal for Macabee's Grade III Initiation. The process will take him 5 weeks to complete and will gain him "Shielding" as his Metamagic talent)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fat Fingered

Entry 5 - Well, the good news is Elohim is not dead, or gone. Disrupted was the term he used. While he was extremely hacked off about it, he was otherwise unharmed. It cost me a drek-load of creds to bring him back, but he is back.

Entry 5.1 - I'm holding off on a decision about the Romanovs. It's very exciting, but Dreamer didn't seem to excited about the idea. I owe her a lot and definitely should take her opinion into consideration before I make a decision. I'm still leaning towards joining their group. MacGregor says he can teach me a way to help focus the dark magic, let it flow through me rather than fight it every step of the way (OOC: Centering and Channeling). I guess we'll see.

Entry 5.2 - We have another job? This is a great gig! I can't believe I was considering my parent's offer to go back to school! What a waste of time! I've made more in the last 3 months than my old man makes in a year!

***Note: So it looks like our fixer's cousin (a fracking trog) wants to be a Shadowrunner. Wants to be some kind of consultant. Apparently he shot a gun once. Whoopee-fracking-do. Heh, I'm impressed.

She wants us to take this noob out with us on our next run or we don't get the job! Great, just want I want to have to worry about - a newbie TROLL bungling things up and getting in the way. 

Well, if NOTHING else, at least he's going to be a good bullet-stop. Can't hardly expect Lone Star to shoot at anyone BUT the troll given a chance. Heh.

It would appear our contacts with the local mafia-types are paying off. Some Italian mobster just called us for a meet. Sounds like his son has been fingered in a hack and murder the Don "swears" he didn't commit.

***Note: How you both hack and murder someone is beyond me, but I'm still listening

The kid lives in some gated community (no doubt living there on daddy's "hard earned" dime). The Don gave us passes to get into the place and offered us 25,000 to clean up this little mess of his.

No problem.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 14:01 - We're at the kids pad. Looks normal. I snooped around in the Astral just to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Not a strand out of place. Hackmagick says he found someone snooping around in this guys node. Also said he was able to trace it back to...the Bayside Mall? Random.

Bayside Mall

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:11 - Pulling up to the mall now. Looks like the address we came up with is an electronics store. How fitting.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:19 - Judas got us in the front door with very little problem. Going in now, five by five.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:24 - Ok, this is going to be a drek-storm in no time flat. Two Sec-types corpsed in the front room, behind the register. The trog says there's another cold one in the back, self inflicted shot to the brain-pan. Store is quite, but I don't expect that to last. I'm going dark (OOC: invisible) and waiting.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:26 - Shutting off the comm - six Triads, including a fracking troll mage are approaching our twelve o'clock with a quickness. Hackmagick says a silent alarm went off. Must've called down the calvary. >>>SHUTDOWN - 15:27<<<

Entry 5.3 - Summoning gargoyle-faced wannabe! That troll mage was a pain in the hoop! First Judas and I get ready for the assault. Our troll, Big Deal, was just a little slow on the uptake (fracking noob), but managed to get in the game...anyway, we were set up to repel their assault when the trog mage calls out his Air Elemental to break in the door!

What's that saying about the best laid plans are shot in the first seconds of combat? Well, yea! Judas sprays the doorway with his sub-machine gun, I try to move into a position to see the fracking thing and then Hackmagick, pulls out a sword! The guy killed it with a sword! How weird is that? I knew Hack was a man of many talents, but he was quite elegant with that weapon - and took the spirit out in just a few quick strokes.

Thank goodness because the rest of the frackers were pretty much relying on that spirit and the mage to carry the day. They were rank amateurs. After the elemental came in the door, they spilled into the room, coming in all directions.

Perhaps if they'd had a more tactical approach they would have done better, but as it was the troll smashed one into the ground, Judas blew one away, I grabbed the mind of a third and had him lay into one of his buddies, a fourth guy coming in the door.

The troll-mage wasn't out of tricks though. He summoned another air elemental on the fly and sent him after Big Deal. The spirit tried to stun the big troll, but it didn't work as planned and the spirit vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

It was over then in a matter of seconds. All of the Triads were dead or out-cold and I had control of one of them for questioning. We fled the scene quickly.

We found an open Commlink on the dead guy in the back. Wouldn't you know the chiphead was running a hacked BTL chip before he capped himself. Hack said he found something weird running in the background of the chip too. He said he tried to chase it, but couldn't quite catch it. He DID, however, trace it to another location.

We're on our way there now. Switching back to Commlink.

 >>>POWER ON - 18:03<<<<
>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:04 - I have to hand it to Big Deal, he's solid. He might be a little on the green side, but he's good to go. He handled himself like a champ against the Triads and didn't run. The trog has a SOLID punch too.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:25 - Weird. That's all I can say. We're sitting outside a Soykaf shop, scouting this place out. Nothing visible in Astral space; but Hack says our target (some Matrix Security corp) is getting POUNDED in VR. I can't see anything in AR, but the icons and such do look a little screwy. Labels for "Contact Us" read "Piss off", that sort of thing.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:32 - And the hits just keep on coming. Some lady talking as though she were some sort of prophet or something just walked up to the corp building leading a big gaggle of chiphead-looking-mother-frackers.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:34 - Hack is saying the assault in VR is stepping up. All the doors and windows to the building just opened up simultaneously. Judas just hopped out of the car with his assault rifle in hand. I hate it when he does that. Shutting off the Comm and grabbing the Walter-2100! >>>SHUT DOWN - 18:35<<<

Entry 5.4 - Bloody hell! The chica wasn't a prophet...at least not in the spiritual sense. She was a God damned Technomancer! She had total control of the building and (at least it appeared) most of the networks around the area INCLUDING our car - more on that in a minute. Heh.

We were just in the process of laying out our order of battle when out pops the wage cop from the corp building. He's waving his stun baton around and telling the chipheads to disperse. You can imagine how well that went for him. He was tackled and brought down in short order. Idiot.

I have a lot more respect for Big Deal now - he actually kicked off the drek-kicking this time with a perfectly placed flash bang. Right in the middle of the group. He didn't drop any of them, but BOYO were they surprised!

Needless to say the attention given to the Corp building was now fully directed towards Big Deal and our group.

On the bright side, I was finally able to pull the trigger on my baby! Holy hoops! Does she ever kick! The Walter-2100 has a pretty good integrated system, but it was totally degraded by the hacker-chick. Hack spent most of his time in AR trying to undo what she was doing to our equipment.

In the middle of the fight, I hop out behind the car to start blast chipheads - the next thing I know the car, along with Hack inside (!!) starts up and roars, full-throttle through the front of the SoyKaf shop! If I hadn't been completely exposed at the time, I think I would have probably found it quite amusing!

So I scramble over to the corner of the SoyKaf building for cover, right on the heels of a heavily wounded Judas - when the car roars to life again, this time in reverse! Fortunately Hack had vacated the vehicle just a few seconds before, but Big Deal was right in the cars path and the thing just PLOWED into the big troll. WHAM! He limped away, around the corner of a building across the street to take up a new position - but he was hurting.

The fight was brief after that, but pretty taxing. Judas and Big Deal both had pretty significant wounds and I think Hack may have taken some damage to his hardware. I KNOW my SmartGun is fried. Also, Judas' car took some pretty bad dings. At the end of the day though, we all survived.

As it turns out the hacktivist had a beef with all things "security" related and was out to geek anyone who stood in her way or prevented "open" Matrix access. "Open", in this case, meaning completely open, unrestricted and unprotected. Nice.

She was dealing in BTL slaves and was actually collecting VR zombies to do her dirty work. I feel bad for the  two or three I wasted. They had no idea what they were doing. She had embedded a virus deep in the BTL she was dealing. Basically it allowed her to control the people almost like they were drones. They just couldn't help it.

Long story short, we took the evidence back to the Don and he was able to free his son based upon the evidence. Another successful mission....but I'm just not feeling like I thought I would. I expected to be helping people who really deserved help, not just working for the highest bidder. The cred is great, but is it really a worthwhile use of my talents? Time will tell.

I think I need a drink. MacGregor said he'd meet me at the Giant's Staircase down in Pullyup.Heading out there now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stolen Digital Media

Entry 4 - Word must be getting out about how impressive I am in the "shadows"! Well, we. It is a team, most of the time. I mean, I certainly don't know the first thing about hacking the matrix or anything; but that's really such a small part of what we do out there. Judas is definitely a tough guy though. OK, so I probably couldn't do it without them, but let's face it...we all know who's the hero and who the sidekicks are.

Entry 4.1 - Oh, right, right. We have another job. Tabby just called us up and said to meet our new Johnson at some hoighty-toighty night club. As I'm finding out, our fixer knows nothing about the job beforehand. Oh well, it's another free meal!

>>>>>Commlink - Monday - 23:11 - 25,000?! These guys must really be desperate! This could really save my neck. I need to get back to the pad and get everything ready!

>>>>>Commlink - Monday - 23:41 - So, here's the deal. Someone stole an optical-disk from some anonymous musician and we have to get it back from some anonymous person who physically stole the disk. Should be a complete piece of cake. Where is that sarcasm button..?

>>>>>Commlink - Tuesday - 08:01 - Up and at it early this morning. Just had my double-mocha Soyfee for the morning and I'm ready to rock! Apparently our hacker stayed up most of the night looking for clues and came up with a couple of gems. It would appear that some drek-hot ork rocker named Nabo was offered the opportunity to purchase...wouldn't you know it...an optical disk with some important, "historic" music on it.

Now we just have to get face-to-face with the hottest rocker in the biz right now. This keeps getting better and better.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 10:01 - Wouldn't you know it; Nabo is having a concert in the Barrens tonight. We've done a little legwork on the place and it's a freaking hole! The UCAS' hottest commodity on the market and they get him a venue in a abandoned hole-in-the-wall? Certainly makes our life easier, I guess.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday - 00:13 - HA! That was fracking great. So with my awesome powers of persuasion, I convinced 3 dumb orks to give us their tickets so we could get into the concert. One of them was even a back-stage pass!

I then convinced the back-stage guard we were allowed to be back there and then mind-fracked the troll guarding Nabo's private room.

Everything was going great; Judas waltzed right into the room to do the search - and would have been drek-hot had it not been for the drunk ass ork ganger in the room trying to show off to the drunk ork dames also in there. This chummer immediately jumps out of his seat to beat Judas down.

Of course, he was sorely outmatched and the ork went down with two Stick-n-Shocks to the face!

We ran out the back door before anyone saw a thing! It was tight!

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 1:02 - Zipper's the name. Apparently this dope-head rocker was solicited by some not-so-hot hacker named Zipper. It's a girl. And a dwarf. Shouldn't be hard to pick out. We found out where she likes to hang out, so we're going to go have a talk with her.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 17:00 - Just met with the dwarf. Although there was a momentary panic - she must've had some sort of magical protection I couldn't see, because she completely shrugged off my attempt to persuade the information out of her - Judas stepped in and found out she's just a (poor excuse for a) fixer. SHE is working for one of her buddies over at some dive in the Barrens who is "in the biz", the music biz that is. Somehow it seems we managed to corner our quarry.

Unfortunately for us, it seems like we failed to intercept her call over to said friend and he's now been alerted to our impending "meeting". Stupid halfer.

**Bookmark** Drop "Zippers" name to the Mexican Mafia. Let them know she's been fixing in their territory without paying up.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 22:43 - Judas just pulled out the biggest machine gun (OOC: assault rifle) I've ever seen! Drek.

Entry 4.3 - Elohim is dead. Or banished. Or whatever happens to spirits when they take full-auto bursts from an AK-97! Drek-fracking chipheads!

There we were, following the pointing fingers out the back door of the bar. The back of the bar happens to basically be a huge junkyard. Great. I think to myself, he could be anywhere in there! SO, using the Power of Insight, I quickly scan the entire yard for this drek-head.

Wouldn't you know it, there's another TEAM there! Not only that, but they outnumber us big time AND there's a mage with them! This is bad.

I tell the others and we fan out to get the drop on them. Judas starts first with a huge burst of gunfire from his huge artillery piece and drops the guy dead. Now it's four on three (four, if you count Elohim, who I've ordered to harry the mage).

It gets crazy QUICK and they are basically quick to spread out and deal with this new problem. I was pinned down by suppression fire, the decker was running around all over the place, plinking away at their Sam.....and Elohim goes after the mage.

I don't know exactly what happened next, and I didn't give Elohim specific instructions on HOW to harry the mage. The next thing I know, though is the mage casts a spell at Elohim, wounding him. Then the Sammy unloads on him from across the freaking junkyard! It was horrible!

Just like that, my link to Elohim vanished. He was gone.

I was so angry! I don't know how I did it, but somehow I just summoned...called...brought forth a tremendous force. When I came back to reality a few seconds later, there was an incredibly bright, obviously powerful Man-spirit walking away from me, seeking out the mage.

One of the gangers shot at him, but his mist-like body literally swayed and weaved around the bullets. Completely missed. The mage did unload an incredible display of magic into the ghost, but it kept right after her. Everyone in the junkyard was fixated on that one, titanic monster. And the monster was solely fixated on the mage.

Shortly thereafter, the mage was finished and THAT pretty much seemed to be the catalyst to them breaking. Judas laid into the Sam with a long burst wounding her and that was it for the other two.

Fortunately, I was able to let the hacker know our mark was trying to run away and he managed to track him down in the junkyard while we continued the fight.

Of course, the bit-brain actually had the disc ON HIS PERSON....so now all we have to do is get back to the Johnson and we're 25k richer!

Big Time - Smash and Grab

Datapad Entry 3 - Dreamer introduced me to some guy name MacGregor this morning - says he's a "Romanov" or something like that. Never heard of them, but he claimed he can help me out with training and controlling Elohim and the other ghosts [Spirits of Man] I run into all the time. Sounds good to me.

Entry 3.1 - Another job! That's three jobs in less than 2 months! We are really starting to make a name for ourselves. It's great with such a small team too! Some Japanese Johnson none of us know called up this morning saying she has some work for us. "Extraction", she says.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:32 - Another corporate job. This time we're supposed to grab some 11 year old girl? I don't really like the sound of this, but it's a damn good bit of cred.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:56 - Hot drek! A bunch of slags tried to hit us outside the Johnson's meet-spot. They were targetting her for some reason - she wouldn't go into it. I was like a fish out of water! Couldn't collect my thoughts fast enough...and then it was over. The decker and the chromie took them down before I could even really react! Coward! Hopefully, talking with MacGregor more will help.

>>>>>Commlink - 07:34 - I didn't know there WAS a 7am in the morning.

>>>>>Commlink - 07:42 - We decided to check out the girl's school. The decker found out she's got a 24/7 bodyguard. That could complicate things.

>>>>>Commlink - 08:15 - Just spotted the girl and the body guard. 100-percent legit. The dude is big, burly, and serious. Decker is checking him out now.

>>>>>Commlink - 11:02 - Oh good, the Chromie just found out the body guard is ex-UCAS Spec Ops. This ought to be a cake walk.

>>>>>Commlink - 13:43 - Sitting in car. Watching a wall. Bored.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:15 - The decker decided to let us in on the fact that he had a micro drone. I thought Judas was going to gut him right there. Micro-drone deployed and attached to the undercarriage of the body guards car. We're finally leaving the school.

>>>>>Commlink - 19:23 - Drawing up a map of choke points and areas we can ambush the body guard / snatch the girl. Judas says he thinks we should try the home invasion route - get them when they get home.

>>>>>Commlink - 09:12 - Checked out the house in the Ether. There's a watcher spirit patrolling. Taking them out at the house is out of the question. Can't get past the watcher without someone knowing.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:12 - Any minute now. We're going to take them out on the road. The decker has jacked his car. Going to force him to stop and make the extraction.

Entry 3.2 - Wow. I literally do not think I have ever seen a human being move that fast. We had the drop on Billy Badass and he still just about ate our lunch. The decker came up on the passenger side of the car, gun at the ready - the SOF guy practically teleported out of the car, assault rifle in hand! 

I think if the decker hadn't had the door between him and the SOF, he'd be a blood spatter on the Seattle pavement right about now! 

Judas came up on the other side of the car and let him have it - but this gutterpunk was having none of that! 

Fortunately for us, I wasn't frozen completely stiff this time - even with Elohim screaming in my ear - but even like before with the Black Cats, I felt myself rush towards the SOF guy even without moving. I whispered in his ear for him to drop his weapon...and he DID IT! 

This time I wasn't yanked back into my body so forcibly - and I maintained a bit of composure. 

Not to be taken for a ride, the body guard didn't let a little something like no weapon stop him! He jumped over the hood of his car and tackled Judas! They went down in a heap. 

I was just getting ready to make this guy catfood with my own Pred, when the decker greased the guy from point-blank range, right in the back of the brain pan. Fast or no, that guy went down like a sack of soyburgers. 

Mission accomplished. We got the girl, took her to the meeting spot and even got a bonus for being just so damn good.

Entry 3.3 - I'm a little sick to my stomach right now. Just found out the kid we snagged a few days ago was iced by some "unknown" assassin...and it was all over the 6 o'clock news trid. I don't mind good, dishonest work - I mean, I have to eat, ya know. But killing kids just ain't right. Haven't heard an explanation yet - not sure if I want one.

Entry 3.4 - MacGregor just called and invited me to join the Romanovs. He swears he can help. It's a little pricey, especially since my bills for all this gear is already so high - but 500 nuyen a month is a small price to pay if I can get Elohim and the others out of my head!

Corporate Retreat and Kidnapping

Datapad Entry 2 - Two runs in the first month! We just got a call from the deckers Johnson. Apparently we did a pretty good job last time, because we've were recommended for a retrieval gig. Some lowbie corporate nobody managed to get himself kidnapped from - I won't say where (because that's part of the contract), but let us just say this place would be out of business if word got out he was snatched from there.

Entry 2.1 - By the way, thanks to that cool gig at the first of the month, I was able to pay off about 10-percent of my credit debt! Wowzer - is it going to feel good when I don't have those money-grubbers breathing down my neck! 

Oh, also went out to see Dreamer this morning before we had to go meet the Johnson. She helped me with my summoning techniques and we managed to bind a pretty powerful ghost [Spirit of Man]. He seems amicable enough - I could feel the immense power flowing through me when I ordered him to possess me.

Entry 2.2 - Heading out to meet Johnson. Switching to Commlink entries.

>>>>>Commlink 13:01 - Holy drekballs! This place is amazing! I don't think I knew there was this much open land so close to the sprawl! %*&^!@$((((Data Corrupt....SIGNAL LOST_

>>>>>Commlink 13:43 - Back on the road. Meeting went well; I checked out the Corpies' room. We found a blackbird feather and a weird dagger made out of stone - decker said it was Obsidian. I'm keeping it, for sure. Might make a good talisman. Sure as drek will never come across something else like it anytime soon. 

Dreamer is looking into the background on the items for me.

>>>>>Commlink 16:14 - Well, Dreamer didn't know much about the items, but Samael [Lone Star Cop] called me back and said those used to be the calling card for some old Ameri-Indian hit squad. Weird.

>>>>>Commlink 18:03 - Heyo! So, looks like we have a lead! The Blackcats, another runner team, is now using that calling card to mark their hits. Dumb. If I've been taught one thing that's more important than anything else, it's NEVER LEAVE A TRAIL! The ego on these chicks must be titanic!

>>>>>Commlink 18:26 - Found out where they used to hang out. Out near the parks in the Redmond district. I just summoned a Watcher to go check out the place before we arrive. The decker is doing his google-drek; Judas has that twitch in his right eye - so I'm assuming we're about to blow some drek up.

>>>>>Commlink 18:54 - Decker just found out their holed up in a storage facility? What the frack? Judas just went in to talk with the store manager. The decker is tapping into the CCTV system. Elohim's [Teacher/Mentor] voice in my head has been getting louder for the last couple of minutes. I think he knows something I don't.

>>>>>Commlink 19:00 - Going in.

Entry 2.3 - Holy frack-loving-drek - those were no Go-Gangers like last time! The Chromie is beat up...BAD. They had the whole place rigged to blow! They were ready for us and we walked right into it. Before I could even blink, Judas had taken some frag from a grenade in the stairwell. There was an exchange of (VERY LOUD) gunfire and then the lights went out. 

Guns blazing, Chromie led the way up the stairwell with the decker in hot pursuit. I was having trouble keeping Elohim quiet. I couldn't quite concentrate. Then...nothing. 

I don't know quite what happened next, but I "came too" on the top floor. We were down range of the damn Black Cat gun-bunnies. Judas was down, the decker wasn't much better...and Elohim was screaming at me from the Ether. 

The next thing I see is my hand going up and I was walking down the middle of the fracking hallway! No idea. My vision blurred and I was out of my body and...from what I can remember...inside the body of one of the gun-bunnies!! 

It was AMAZING! I took that hoochies assault rifle and buried into the back of one of her compadres! BLAM! BLAM! BLAMBLAMBLAM! Down she went. 

Another one went down as a result of fire from mi amigos and before I knew it, it was over. 

We win! 

Unfortunately, as quickly as it happened, I was ripped from her body and SLAMMED back into mine. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and exhaustion. 

I need to learn to control this better. I need instruction. 

Nevertheless, we took the corpy back to our Johnson and made out like bandits in creds! I this keeps up, I'll be free and clear of the loan sharks in NO TIME!

Time to Run, Chummer

Entry 1.1 - Received the focus today AND Dreamer threw in a sustained spell for free [not really, character did pay for it], all for 50,000 nuyen! I've spent just about all of my cash, including the loan

Entry 1.2 - Recieved a call from a fixer this morning. He said he found my commlink on the Shadowland message board. I posted there just a few days ago and already have a job lined up! This is going to be so exciting! Hitting the big time!

>>>>>Commlink Update 20:35 - Well the "Johnson" turned out to be some weird Amerindian mob boss. Scary fracker, complete with authentic freaky Indian mask. They have matched me up with this chrome job right out of a action trid, complete with a total arm replacement and a guy who says he is a whiz-bang decker, but doesnt even  have a integrated commlink. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:09 - So the chromie also turned out to be the only chummer with a car - a Ford Americar, no less. It's ok, the Indian is going to pay us 5,000 nuyen just to take this piece of paper across town. What could possibly go wrong?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:21 - This is no drek, my friend. I finally had the opportunity to shine! Triads and the 'Kuza BOTH tried to jack our payload. The Chromie took a bullet right to the chest and completely shrugged it off! The Wire Boy took a serious hit or two, but we're otherwise safe and sound...and on the move again. Fortunately, I was there or who knows what would have happened?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:59 - So this wizzer Wire Boy from the Mafia totally just jacked us! We were just driving along - all of the sudden the car stops - Bad guy WB stopped us cold. Our bithead was still trying to recover from the last fight and had a hard time defending us from the attack. 

So the baddie tells us he just wants to scan the package - that's it. He just wants to scan it and he'll give us our car back. 

The Chromie looked like he wanted to splash that pimple-poppers right in the head - but we struck a deal nonetheless. 

Our decker said the deal was legit. Eh...whatever, it's another 1000 nuyen in my account.

>>>>>Commlink 22:19 - Drek-eating, go-gang gumbies! Go-gangers?! Really? Six jack-wagons just royally ate our lunch; Who tries to skiv someone on the open highway? We actually wrecked in the middle of the road when they shot out the tires! Fortunately, again, I was able to save us with my awesome abilities. I mean, I'm practically a super-hero. I skragged two of the drekkers myself. Gutterpunks.

>>>>>Commlink 22:49 - Made it to the Mexican's pad just a little before the deadline. The Cromie's ride limped up the driveway on it's last leg. The mafioso barely looked us in the eye when he took the payload - first run complete! Walked away with a cool 6,000 nuyen for our troubles. Hopefully the Chromie can get his car fixed up with that amount of Jack. 

I'm going to be famous! 

[Rep Changes 
Italian Mafia +1 
Mexican Mafia +1 
Koshari Mob +1 
Yakuza -1 
Triads -1 ]