Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Time - Smash and Grab

Datapad Entry 3 - Dreamer introduced me to some guy name MacGregor this morning - says he's a "Romanov" or something like that. Never heard of them, but he claimed he can help me out with training and controlling Elohim and the other ghosts [Spirits of Man] I run into all the time. Sounds good to me.

Entry 3.1 - Another job! That's three jobs in less than 2 months! We are really starting to make a name for ourselves. It's great with such a small team too! Some Japanese Johnson none of us know called up this morning saying she has some work for us. "Extraction", she says.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:32 - Another corporate job. This time we're supposed to grab some 11 year old girl? I don't really like the sound of this, but it's a damn good bit of cred.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:56 - Hot drek! A bunch of slags tried to hit us outside the Johnson's meet-spot. They were targetting her for some reason - she wouldn't go into it. I was like a fish out of water! Couldn't collect my thoughts fast enough...and then it was over. The decker and the chromie took them down before I could even really react! Coward! Hopefully, talking with MacGregor more will help.

>>>>>Commlink - 07:34 - I didn't know there WAS a 7am in the morning.

>>>>>Commlink - 07:42 - We decided to check out the girl's school. The decker found out she's got a 24/7 bodyguard. That could complicate things.

>>>>>Commlink - 08:15 - Just spotted the girl and the body guard. 100-percent legit. The dude is big, burly, and serious. Decker is checking him out now.

>>>>>Commlink - 11:02 - Oh good, the Chromie just found out the body guard is ex-UCAS Spec Ops. This ought to be a cake walk.

>>>>>Commlink - 13:43 - Sitting in car. Watching a wall. Bored.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:15 - The decker decided to let us in on the fact that he had a micro drone. I thought Judas was going to gut him right there. Micro-drone deployed and attached to the undercarriage of the body guards car. We're finally leaving the school.

>>>>>Commlink - 19:23 - Drawing up a map of choke points and areas we can ambush the body guard / snatch the girl. Judas says he thinks we should try the home invasion route - get them when they get home.

>>>>>Commlink - 09:12 - Checked out the house in the Ether. There's a watcher spirit patrolling. Taking them out at the house is out of the question. Can't get past the watcher without someone knowing.

>>>>>Commlink - 15:12 - Any minute now. We're going to take them out on the road. The decker has jacked his car. Going to force him to stop and make the extraction.

Entry 3.2 - Wow. I literally do not think I have ever seen a human being move that fast. We had the drop on Billy Badass and he still just about ate our lunch. The decker came up on the passenger side of the car, gun at the ready - the SOF guy practically teleported out of the car, assault rifle in hand! 

I think if the decker hadn't had the door between him and the SOF, he'd be a blood spatter on the Seattle pavement right about now! 

Judas came up on the other side of the car and let him have it - but this gutterpunk was having none of that! 

Fortunately for us, I wasn't frozen completely stiff this time - even with Elohim screaming in my ear - but even like before with the Black Cats, I felt myself rush towards the SOF guy even without moving. I whispered in his ear for him to drop his weapon...and he DID IT! 

This time I wasn't yanked back into my body so forcibly - and I maintained a bit of composure. 

Not to be taken for a ride, the body guard didn't let a little something like no weapon stop him! He jumped over the hood of his car and tackled Judas! They went down in a heap. 

I was just getting ready to make this guy catfood with my own Pred, when the decker greased the guy from point-blank range, right in the back of the brain pan. Fast or no, that guy went down like a sack of soyburgers. 

Mission accomplished. We got the girl, took her to the meeting spot and even got a bonus for being just so damn good.

Entry 3.3 - I'm a little sick to my stomach right now. Just found out the kid we snagged a few days ago was iced by some "unknown" assassin...and it was all over the 6 o'clock news trid. I don't mind good, dishonest work - I mean, I have to eat, ya know. But killing kids just ain't right. Haven't heard an explanation yet - not sure if I want one.

Entry 3.4 - MacGregor just called and invited me to join the Romanovs. He swears he can help. It's a little pricey, especially since my bills for all this gear is already so high - but 500 nuyen a month is a small price to pay if I can get Elohim and the others out of my head!

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