Sunday, April 24, 2011

Corporate Retreat and Kidnapping

Datapad Entry 2 - Two runs in the first month! We just got a call from the deckers Johnson. Apparently we did a pretty good job last time, because we've were recommended for a retrieval gig. Some lowbie corporate nobody managed to get himself kidnapped from - I won't say where (because that's part of the contract), but let us just say this place would be out of business if word got out he was snatched from there.

Entry 2.1 - By the way, thanks to that cool gig at the first of the month, I was able to pay off about 10-percent of my credit debt! Wowzer - is it going to feel good when I don't have those money-grubbers breathing down my neck! 

Oh, also went out to see Dreamer this morning before we had to go meet the Johnson. She helped me with my summoning techniques and we managed to bind a pretty powerful ghost [Spirit of Man]. He seems amicable enough - I could feel the immense power flowing through me when I ordered him to possess me.

Entry 2.2 - Heading out to meet Johnson. Switching to Commlink entries.

>>>>>Commlink 13:01 - Holy drekballs! This place is amazing! I don't think I knew there was this much open land so close to the sprawl! %*&^!@$((((Data Corrupt....SIGNAL LOST_

>>>>>Commlink 13:43 - Back on the road. Meeting went well; I checked out the Corpies' room. We found a blackbird feather and a weird dagger made out of stone - decker said it was Obsidian. I'm keeping it, for sure. Might make a good talisman. Sure as drek will never come across something else like it anytime soon. 

Dreamer is looking into the background on the items for me.

>>>>>Commlink 16:14 - Well, Dreamer didn't know much about the items, but Samael [Lone Star Cop] called me back and said those used to be the calling card for some old Ameri-Indian hit squad. Weird.

>>>>>Commlink 18:03 - Heyo! So, looks like we have a lead! The Blackcats, another runner team, is now using that calling card to mark their hits. Dumb. If I've been taught one thing that's more important than anything else, it's NEVER LEAVE A TRAIL! The ego on these chicks must be titanic!

>>>>>Commlink 18:26 - Found out where they used to hang out. Out near the parks in the Redmond district. I just summoned a Watcher to go check out the place before we arrive. The decker is doing his google-drek; Judas has that twitch in his right eye - so I'm assuming we're about to blow some drek up.

>>>>>Commlink 18:54 - Decker just found out their holed up in a storage facility? What the frack? Judas just went in to talk with the store manager. The decker is tapping into the CCTV system. Elohim's [Teacher/Mentor] voice in my head has been getting louder for the last couple of minutes. I think he knows something I don't.

>>>>>Commlink 19:00 - Going in.

Entry 2.3 - Holy frack-loving-drek - those were no Go-Gangers like last time! The Chromie is beat up...BAD. They had the whole place rigged to blow! They were ready for us and we walked right into it. Before I could even blink, Judas had taken some frag from a grenade in the stairwell. There was an exchange of (VERY LOUD) gunfire and then the lights went out. 

Guns blazing, Chromie led the way up the stairwell with the decker in hot pursuit. I was having trouble keeping Elohim quiet. I couldn't quite concentrate. Then...nothing. 

I don't know quite what happened next, but I "came too" on the top floor. We were down range of the damn Black Cat gun-bunnies. Judas was down, the decker wasn't much better...and Elohim was screaming at me from the Ether. 

The next thing I see is my hand going up and I was walking down the middle of the fracking hallway! No idea. My vision blurred and I was out of my body and...from what I can remember...inside the body of one of the gun-bunnies!! 

It was AMAZING! I took that hoochies assault rifle and buried into the back of one of her compadres! BLAM! BLAM! BLAMBLAMBLAM! Down she went. 

Another one went down as a result of fire from mi amigos and before I knew it, it was over. 

We win! 

Unfortunately, as quickly as it happened, I was ripped from her body and SLAMMED back into mine. I thought I was going to pass out from the pain and exhaustion. 

I need to learn to control this better. I need instruction. 

Nevertheless, we took the corpy back to our Johnson and made out like bandits in creds! I this keeps up, I'll be free and clear of the loan sharks in NO TIME!

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