Monday, April 25, 2011

Fat Fingered

Entry 5 - Well, the good news is Elohim is not dead, or gone. Disrupted was the term he used. While he was extremely hacked off about it, he was otherwise unharmed. It cost me a drek-load of creds to bring him back, but he is back.

Entry 5.1 - I'm holding off on a decision about the Romanovs. It's very exciting, but Dreamer didn't seem to excited about the idea. I owe her a lot and definitely should take her opinion into consideration before I make a decision. I'm still leaning towards joining their group. MacGregor says he can teach me a way to help focus the dark magic, let it flow through me rather than fight it every step of the way (OOC: Centering and Channeling). I guess we'll see.

Entry 5.2 - We have another job? This is a great gig! I can't believe I was considering my parent's offer to go back to school! What a waste of time! I've made more in the last 3 months than my old man makes in a year!

***Note: So it looks like our fixer's cousin (a fracking trog) wants to be a Shadowrunner. Wants to be some kind of consultant. Apparently he shot a gun once. Whoopee-fracking-do. Heh, I'm impressed.

She wants us to take this noob out with us on our next run or we don't get the job! Great, just want I want to have to worry about - a newbie TROLL bungling things up and getting in the way. 

Well, if NOTHING else, at least he's going to be a good bullet-stop. Can't hardly expect Lone Star to shoot at anyone BUT the troll given a chance. Heh.

It would appear our contacts with the local mafia-types are paying off. Some Italian mobster just called us for a meet. Sounds like his son has been fingered in a hack and murder the Don "swears" he didn't commit.

***Note: How you both hack and murder someone is beyond me, but I'm still listening

The kid lives in some gated community (no doubt living there on daddy's "hard earned" dime). The Don gave us passes to get into the place and offered us 25,000 to clean up this little mess of his.

No problem.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 14:01 - We're at the kids pad. Looks normal. I snooped around in the Astral just to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. Not a strand out of place. Hackmagick says he found someone snooping around in this guys node. Also said he was able to trace it back to...the Bayside Mall? Random.

Bayside Mall

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:11 - Pulling up to the mall now. Looks like the address we came up with is an electronics store. How fitting.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:19 - Judas got us in the front door with very little problem. Going in now, five by five.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:24 - Ok, this is going to be a drek-storm in no time flat. Two Sec-types corpsed in the front room, behind the register. The trog says there's another cold one in the back, self inflicted shot to the brain-pan. Store is quite, but I don't expect that to last. I'm going dark (OOC: invisible) and waiting.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 15:26 - Shutting off the comm - six Triads, including a fracking troll mage are approaching our twelve o'clock with a quickness. Hackmagick says a silent alarm went off. Must've called down the calvary. >>>SHUTDOWN - 15:27<<<

Entry 5.3 - Summoning gargoyle-faced wannabe! That troll mage was a pain in the hoop! First Judas and I get ready for the assault. Our troll, Big Deal, was just a little slow on the uptake (fracking noob), but managed to get in the game...anyway, we were set up to repel their assault when the trog mage calls out his Air Elemental to break in the door!

What's that saying about the best laid plans are shot in the first seconds of combat? Well, yea! Judas sprays the doorway with his sub-machine gun, I try to move into a position to see the fracking thing and then Hackmagick, pulls out a sword! The guy killed it with a sword! How weird is that? I knew Hack was a man of many talents, but he was quite elegant with that weapon - and took the spirit out in just a few quick strokes.

Thank goodness because the rest of the frackers were pretty much relying on that spirit and the mage to carry the day. They were rank amateurs. After the elemental came in the door, they spilled into the room, coming in all directions.

Perhaps if they'd had a more tactical approach they would have done better, but as it was the troll smashed one into the ground, Judas blew one away, I grabbed the mind of a third and had him lay into one of his buddies, a fourth guy coming in the door.

The troll-mage wasn't out of tricks though. He summoned another air elemental on the fly and sent him after Big Deal. The spirit tried to stun the big troll, but it didn't work as planned and the spirit vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

It was over then in a matter of seconds. All of the Triads were dead or out-cold and I had control of one of them for questioning. We fled the scene quickly.

We found an open Commlink on the dead guy in the back. Wouldn't you know the chiphead was running a hacked BTL chip before he capped himself. Hack said he found something weird running in the background of the chip too. He said he tried to chase it, but couldn't quite catch it. He DID, however, trace it to another location.

We're on our way there now. Switching back to Commlink.

 >>>POWER ON - 18:03<<<<
>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:04 - I have to hand it to Big Deal, he's solid. He might be a little on the green side, but he's good to go. He handled himself like a champ against the Triads and didn't run. The trog has a SOLID punch too.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:25 - Weird. That's all I can say. We're sitting outside a Soykaf shop, scouting this place out. Nothing visible in Astral space; but Hack says our target (some Matrix Security corp) is getting POUNDED in VR. I can't see anything in AR, but the icons and such do look a little screwy. Labels for "Contact Us" read "Piss off", that sort of thing.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:32 - And the hits just keep on coming. Some lady talking as though she were some sort of prophet or something just walked up to the corp building leading a big gaggle of chiphead-looking-mother-frackers.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 18:34 - Hack is saying the assault in VR is stepping up. All the doors and windows to the building just opened up simultaneously. Judas just hopped out of the car with his assault rifle in hand. I hate it when he does that. Shutting off the Comm and grabbing the Walter-2100! >>>SHUT DOWN - 18:35<<<

Entry 5.4 - Bloody hell! The chica wasn't a least not in the spiritual sense. She was a God damned Technomancer! She had total control of the building and (at least it appeared) most of the networks around the area INCLUDING our car - more on that in a minute. Heh.

We were just in the process of laying out our order of battle when out pops the wage cop from the corp building. He's waving his stun baton around and telling the chipheads to disperse. You can imagine how well that went for him. He was tackled and brought down in short order. Idiot.

I have a lot more respect for Big Deal now - he actually kicked off the drek-kicking this time with a perfectly placed flash bang. Right in the middle of the group. He didn't drop any of them, but BOYO were they surprised!

Needless to say the attention given to the Corp building was now fully directed towards Big Deal and our group.

On the bright side, I was finally able to pull the trigger on my baby! Holy hoops! Does she ever kick! The Walter-2100 has a pretty good integrated system, but it was totally degraded by the hacker-chick. Hack spent most of his time in AR trying to undo what she was doing to our equipment.

In the middle of the fight, I hop out behind the car to start blast chipheads - the next thing I know the car, along with Hack inside (!!) starts up and roars, full-throttle through the front of the SoyKaf shop! If I hadn't been completely exposed at the time, I think I would have probably found it quite amusing!

So I scramble over to the corner of the SoyKaf building for cover, right on the heels of a heavily wounded Judas - when the car roars to life again, this time in reverse! Fortunately Hack had vacated the vehicle just a few seconds before, but Big Deal was right in the cars path and the thing just PLOWED into the big troll. WHAM! He limped away, around the corner of a building across the street to take up a new position - but he was hurting.

The fight was brief after that, but pretty taxing. Judas and Big Deal both had pretty significant wounds and I think Hack may have taken some damage to his hardware. I KNOW my SmartGun is fried. Also, Judas' car took some pretty bad dings. At the end of the day though, we all survived.

As it turns out the hacktivist had a beef with all things "security" related and was out to geek anyone who stood in her way or prevented "open" Matrix access. "Open", in this case, meaning completely open, unrestricted and unprotected. Nice.

She was dealing in BTL slaves and was actually collecting VR zombies to do her dirty work. I feel bad for the  two or three I wasted. They had no idea what they were doing. She had embedded a virus deep in the BTL she was dealing. Basically it allowed her to control the people almost like they were drones. They just couldn't help it.

Long story short, we took the evidence back to the Don and he was able to free his son based upon the evidence. Another successful mission....but I'm just not feeling like I thought I would. I expected to be helping people who really deserved help, not just working for the highest bidder. The cred is great, but is it really a worthwhile use of my talents? Time will tell.

I think I need a drink. MacGregor said he'd meet me at the Giant's Staircase down in Pullyup.Heading out there now.

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