Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stolen Digital Media

Entry 4 - Word must be getting out about how impressive I am in the "shadows"! Well, we. It is a team, most of the time. I mean, I certainly don't know the first thing about hacking the matrix or anything; but that's really such a small part of what we do out there. Judas is definitely a tough guy though. OK, so I probably couldn't do it without them, but let's face it...we all know who's the hero and who the sidekicks are.

Entry 4.1 - Oh, right, right. We have another job. Tabby just called us up and said to meet our new Johnson at some hoighty-toighty night club. As I'm finding out, our fixer knows nothing about the job beforehand. Oh well, it's another free meal!

>>>>>Commlink - Monday - 23:11 - 25,000?! These guys must really be desperate! This could really save my neck. I need to get back to the pad and get everything ready!

>>>>>Commlink - Monday - 23:41 - So, here's the deal. Someone stole an optical-disk from some anonymous musician and we have to get it back from some anonymous person who physically stole the disk. Should be a complete piece of cake. Where is that sarcasm button..?

>>>>>Commlink - Tuesday - 08:01 - Up and at it early this morning. Just had my double-mocha Soyfee for the morning and I'm ready to rock! Apparently our hacker stayed up most of the night looking for clues and came up with a couple of gems. It would appear that some drek-hot ork rocker named Nabo was offered the opportunity to purchase...wouldn't you know optical disk with some important, "historic" music on it.

Now we just have to get face-to-face with the hottest rocker in the biz right now. This keeps getting better and better.

>>>>>Commlink - Thursday - 10:01 - Wouldn't you know it; Nabo is having a concert in the Barrens tonight. We've done a little legwork on the place and it's a freaking hole! The UCAS' hottest commodity on the market and they get him a venue in a abandoned hole-in-the-wall? Certainly makes our life easier, I guess.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday - 00:13 - HA! That was fracking great. So with my awesome powers of persuasion, I convinced 3 dumb orks to give us their tickets so we could get into the concert. One of them was even a back-stage pass!

I then convinced the back-stage guard we were allowed to be back there and then mind-fracked the troll guarding Nabo's private room.

Everything was going great; Judas waltzed right into the room to do the search - and would have been drek-hot had it not been for the drunk ass ork ganger in the room trying to show off to the drunk ork dames also in there. This chummer immediately jumps out of his seat to beat Judas down.

Of course, he was sorely outmatched and the ork went down with two Stick-n-Shocks to the face!

We ran out the back door before anyone saw a thing! It was tight!

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 1:02 - Zipper's the name. Apparently this dope-head rocker was solicited by some not-so-hot hacker named Zipper. It's a girl. And a dwarf. Shouldn't be hard to pick out. We found out where she likes to hang out, so we're going to go have a talk with her.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 17:00 - Just met with the dwarf. Although there was a momentary panic - she must've had some sort of magical protection I couldn't see, because she completely shrugged off my attempt to persuade the information out of her - Judas stepped in and found out she's just a (poor excuse for a) fixer. SHE is working for one of her buddies over at some dive in the Barrens who is "in the biz", the music biz that is. Somehow it seems we managed to corner our quarry.

Unfortunately for us, it seems like we failed to intercept her call over to said friend and he's now been alerted to our impending "meeting". Stupid halfer.

**Bookmark** Drop "Zippers" name to the Mexican Mafia. Let them know she's been fixing in their territory without paying up.

>>>>>Commlink - Friday 22:43 - Judas just pulled out the biggest machine gun (OOC: assault rifle) I've ever seen! Drek.

Entry 4.3 - Elohim is dead. Or banished. Or whatever happens to spirits when they take full-auto bursts from an AK-97! Drek-fracking chipheads!

There we were, following the pointing fingers out the back door of the bar. The back of the bar happens to basically be a huge junkyard. Great. I think to myself, he could be anywhere in there! SO, using the Power of Insight, I quickly scan the entire yard for this drek-head.

Wouldn't you know it, there's another TEAM there! Not only that, but they outnumber us big time AND there's a mage with them! This is bad.

I tell the others and we fan out to get the drop on them. Judas starts first with a huge burst of gunfire from his huge artillery piece and drops the guy dead. Now it's four on three (four, if you count Elohim, who I've ordered to harry the mage).

It gets crazy QUICK and they are basically quick to spread out and deal with this new problem. I was pinned down by suppression fire, the decker was running around all over the place, plinking away at their Sam.....and Elohim goes after the mage.

I don't know exactly what happened next, and I didn't give Elohim specific instructions on HOW to harry the mage. The next thing I know, though is the mage casts a spell at Elohim, wounding him. Then the Sammy unloads on him from across the freaking junkyard! It was horrible!

Just like that, my link to Elohim vanished. He was gone.

I was so angry! I don't know how I did it, but somehow I just summoned...called...brought forth a tremendous force. When I came back to reality a few seconds later, there was an incredibly bright, obviously powerful Man-spirit walking away from me, seeking out the mage.

One of the gangers shot at him, but his mist-like body literally swayed and weaved around the bullets. Completely missed. The mage did unload an incredible display of magic into the ghost, but it kept right after her. Everyone in the junkyard was fixated on that one, titanic monster. And the monster was solely fixated on the mage.

Shortly thereafter, the mage was finished and THAT pretty much seemed to be the catalyst to them breaking. Judas laid into the Sam with a long burst wounding her and that was it for the other two.

Fortunately, I was able to let the hacker know our mark was trying to run away and he managed to track him down in the junkyard while we continued the fight.

Of course, the bit-brain actually had the disc ON HIS now all we have to do is get back to the Johnson and we're 25k richer!

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