Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Thesis: Long-term Parapsychological effects of Possession on the Living

SynopsisPossession by spirits is a fact of life in both ancient and modern times. In todays world, those who can manipulate Astral space and better control those spirits have the unique ability to harness the spirit's power. Over time, however, this can be dangerous and leave the subjects, those practitioners of magic, wonting for more. More power, more control.

This all-consuming desire can become destructive and addictive if not held in check. This work will delve deep into the world of Possession; from the historic societies who embraced them, to the modern occult who uses this power to further their goals.

(OOC: This is the Thesis Ordeal for Macabee's Grade III Initiation. The process will take him 5 weeks to complete and will gain him "Shielding" as his Metamagic talent)

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