Sunday, April 24, 2011

Time to Run, Chummer

Entry 1.1 - Received the focus today AND Dreamer threw in a sustained spell for free [not really, character did pay for it], all for 50,000 nuyen! I've spent just about all of my cash, including the loan

Entry 1.2 - Recieved a call from a fixer this morning. He said he found my commlink on the Shadowland message board. I posted there just a few days ago and already have a job lined up! This is going to be so exciting! Hitting the big time!

>>>>>Commlink Update 20:35 - Well the "Johnson" turned out to be some weird Amerindian mob boss. Scary fracker, complete with authentic freaky Indian mask. They have matched me up with this chrome job right out of a action trid, complete with a total arm replacement and a guy who says he is a whiz-bang decker, but doesnt even  have a integrated commlink. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:09 - So the chromie also turned out to be the only chummer with a car - a Ford Americar, no less. It's ok, the Indian is going to pay us 5,000 nuyen just to take this piece of paper across town. What could possibly go wrong?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:21 - This is no drek, my friend. I finally had the opportunity to shine! Triads and the 'Kuza BOTH tried to jack our payload. The Chromie took a bullet right to the chest and completely shrugged it off! The Wire Boy took a serious hit or two, but we're otherwise safe and sound...and on the move again. Fortunately, I was there or who knows what would have happened?

>>>>>Commlink Update 21:59 - So this wizzer Wire Boy from the Mafia totally just jacked us! We were just driving along - all of the sudden the car stops - Bad guy WB stopped us cold. Our bithead was still trying to recover from the last fight and had a hard time defending us from the attack. 

So the baddie tells us he just wants to scan the package - that's it. He just wants to scan it and he'll give us our car back. 

The Chromie looked like he wanted to splash that pimple-poppers right in the head - but we struck a deal nonetheless. 

Our decker said the deal was legit. Eh...whatever, it's another 1000 nuyen in my account.

>>>>>Commlink 22:19 - Drek-eating, go-gang gumbies! Go-gangers?! Really? Six jack-wagons just royally ate our lunch; Who tries to skiv someone on the open highway? We actually wrecked in the middle of the road when they shot out the tires! Fortunately, again, I was able to save us with my awesome abilities. I mean, I'm practically a super-hero. I skragged two of the drekkers myself. Gutterpunks.

>>>>>Commlink 22:49 - Made it to the Mexican's pad just a little before the deadline. The Cromie's ride limped up the driveway on it's last leg. The mafioso barely looked us in the eye when he took the payload - first run complete! Walked away with a cool 6,000 nuyen for our troubles. Hopefully the Chromie can get his car fixed up with that amount of Jack. 

I'm going to be famous! 

[Rep Changes 
Italian Mafia +1 
Mexican Mafia +1 
Koshari Mob +1 
Yakuza -1 
Triads -1 ]

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