Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pathfinder Feat: Alchemical Precision

For use with Pathfinder

Alchemical PrecisionYou have developed a preternatural precision with the various mundane alchemical items often found in your repertoire. You deal precision damage using alchemical items (such as acid or alchemist's fire) that already normally deal damage.

Prerequisites: Sneak Attack +3d6, Stealth 5 Ranks, Master Alchemist Feat, Throw Anything Feat

Benefit: You gain the ability to apply your sneak attack  to mundane alchemical weapons such as acid flasks or alchmist's fire. Performing an attack in this way does no splash damage. The sneak attack damage type is the same damage type dealt by the weapon (i.e. acid, fire, ice, etc.). Critical hits do not multiply the precision damage. Continual damage beyond the initial attack (such as burning, etc.) does not receive any additional precision damage. The target must otherwise still qualify as a valid sneak attack target.

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