Sunday, December 21, 2014

Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games - A brisk review

Have you SEEN the New Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault? It is an amazing game on all fronts - having played a few rounds of the game at GenCon 2014, I can tell you first hand, this game is very fun and going to be extremely popular among the gaming crowd!

Pit yourself and your friends against the Imperials (the gamemaster) and run through LIMITLESS scenarios with the 100% modular gameboard pieces. I mean, you can play the same scenario 10 times and it will be different each time just by moving the game board pieces around.

It also comes complete with 34 figures (complete list below). Imperials in gray and the Rebellion in khaki. The number of Imperials outweighs that of the Rebels, primarily because it gives the gamemaster options when setting up the scenario. Among the Imperials includes Darth Vader (of course), Bossk, the Imperial Probe Droid, a slew of Stormtroopers and a complete freaking AT-ST walker!

Did I mention the pieces are exquisite? If you thought the detail in the X-Wing Miniatures game was good - wait until you see the time and effort put into these pieces! None of the pieces come painted, but there are already a bunch of fan-paints out there that are spectacular.

Credit Ronald Brannon - Nova Squadron // Facebook

Seriously. Get this game. It's good for family time, it's good for hard-core gamers, it's good for date night. The playability is very high right out of the box, but (as FFG is wont to do), it's also expandable with immediate expansions available for Han Solo, Chewbacca, several rebel troopers, elite Royal Guards, and IG-88. That's only the beginning, I promise you.

Below the video is a complete account of what comes in the box. If you have about 30 minutes to sit through it, check out Comlink's unboxing - it's a pretty good look at the game.


The Fate of the Galaxy Hangs in the Balance...

The Galactic Civil War rages on. After the destruction of the Death Star, the Galactic Empire's power is threatened. Stormtrooper legions surge across the galaxy in an effort to reassert their dominance, while elite Rebel operatives battle them at every turn. Against impossible odds, they engage Imperial forces in the struggle for galactic freedom.

Imperial Assault is an epic adventure board game in the Star Wars universe for 2-5 players. The mighty Imperial army and a cadre of deadly bounty hunters face off against daring Rebel heroes in a series of tactical combat missions. Iconic characters like Darth Vader and Han Solo raise the stakes in the epic campaign. Each battle escalates towards a climactic final showdown between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

In addition, special head-to-head rules allow players to build armies and compete in standalone skirmish missions, recreating epic confrontations from the Star Wars saga or creating all-new battles!

With 34 plastic figures, over 200 cards, over 50 modular map tiles and much more, Imperial Assault is your chance to change the fate of a galaxy far, far away.

34 Plastic Figures
11 Dice
6 Hero Sheets
1 Round/Threat Dial
39 Deployment Cards
10 Story Mission Cards
14 Side Mission Cards
18 Agenda Cards
5 Reference Cards
2 Skirmish Mission Cards
81 Class Cards
36 Item Cards
18 Reward Cards
12 Condition Cards
42 Command Cards
12 Supply Cards
60 ID Stickers
59 Map Tiles
45 Damage Tokens
35 Strain Tokens
12 Ally Tokens
4 Door Tokens
8 Crate Tokens
8 Terminal Tokens
20 ID Tokens
20 Mission Tokens
15 Condition Tokens
1 Entrance Token
1 Initiative Token
4 Activation Tokens
4 Plastic Stands
1 Learn to Play Guide
1 Rules Reference Guide
1 Campaign Guide
1 Skirmish Guide
1 Luke Skywalker Ally Pack
1 Darth Vader Villain Pack

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-120 minutes
Price: $99.00 MSRP (most gaming websites have it betwee $65 and $80)

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