Friday, December 19, 2014

Imperial Raider - Fantasy Flight Games announces new Corvette Class ship for Epic play


 The Imperial Raider has been announced!

 The Raider is the Imperial answer to the Corellian Corvette (the Tantive available to the Rebels). This ship was specifically designed for the X-Wing miniatures game as well, as indicated by the interview:

“The impetus behind the Raider-class corvette came from a desire to produce an Imperial ship for X-Wing that was comparable in size and role to the Rebel corvette.

“Before we even announced the Tantive IV™ Expansion Pack, we knew Imperial players would need a comparable ship to lead their fleets in the game’s Epic Play battles. But none of the ships within the established IP and extended universe quite fit the bill. As we looked at ships that were larger than the VT-49 Decimator, the next possibility was the Lancer-class frigate at 250m; however, that was larger than we wanted for the scope of the game. Moreover, it didn’t quite fit the desired role, so we worked with Lucasfilm Ltd. and drew upon existing materials to create a new starship that fit seamlessly into the aesthetics and background of the Star Wars universe.

“The result was a cross between a Star Destroyer and a single-pilot fighter, something fast and aggressive.

“The Raider is a starship made specifically for anti-fighter warfare. Its six dual heavy laser cannons proved more accurate against snubfighters than the turbolaser batteries of its Star Destroyer cousins, and the disruptive effects of its ion cannon emplacements, along with the efficiency of its localized command, make it a powerful addition to small strike forces.

“It’s also a ship that’s particularly well-suited to fighting alongside a number of TIE Advanced. Both the Raider-class corvette and TIE Advanced are well-suited to quick assault missions. They are both equipped with hyperdrives and enough defenses to stand up to a wide range of threats. They can jump into a sector, launch a quick assault, and then jump away. Then, they can leave after the mission is complete. This makes them ideal vessels for use in the Outer Rim, and this is an idea that you’ll be able to explore even further within the context of the expansion’s campaign.”

    –Andrew Navaro, Frank Brooks, and Steve Kimball

None of the cards are available just yet (that I can see, anyway) - what do you think will be included? Take it to the discussion forum and let us know what you think!

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