Friday, December 19, 2014

Imperial Raider - First pilot and upgrade cards revealed!

 The first couple of upgrade and pilot cards for the Imperial Raider have been revealed. Fantasy Flight Games released a couple of the cards themselves, but at least ONE card has been uncovered from their website. Check out these cards. Pretty awesome stuff!

First up is the elite pilot for the TIE Advanced included with the Raider. He gets a free Target Lock on any ship within a range of 1. Pretty great card by itself. Get in close with the enemy and get both a focus AND a free target lock. He's good on his own, but when you consider the combo with the Adv. Targeting Computer (see below), it's downright fantastic.

Advanced Targeting Computer - now we're talking! Combine the Commander Alozen with this card and you're getting a free crit if you're within range 1 of a target. It'll be difficult to stay that close to a target, but in those instances a pilot can make it happen - boom!

 Then there's the TIE/x1. Pretty straightforward, and a big upgrade for the TIE Advanced too. In addition to not costing anything to add, you get a free slot AND if you add something in that category, it costs 4 less than it would normally.

Obviously this was intended to provide some space for the Advanced Targeting Computer for a cost of 1, but there are several other options available that would also make this a great upgrade for the TIE/A. (Fire-Control System or Enhanced Scopes, for example).

It's a good card combo. It will be interesting to see if this improves the playability of the TIE/A in the minds of many players.

Here's the first card I've seen for the Imperial Raider - and it's a good one! 2 Energy, 4 dice and the target automatically suffers a crit AND receives an ion token. A fighter getting in too close to the Raider is going to be toast!

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