Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Deductionist - a detective base class for the Pathfinder RPG


There are some who take on the mantle of adventurer for the gold and the glory. Others have the dubious title thrust upon them through circumstance or fate. Then there are some who seek out the adventurous life for the sheer sake of knowledge and discovery of the unknown. Enter the Deductionist.

Want to add a little steampunk flavor to your Pathfinder campaign? The deductionist has that too! From the Aerification Tube to the Luminiferous Memory Transanimator, this book brings several very flavorful steampunk-style elements to your game play! The Deductionist is an original base class which will find a niche in almost any adventuring group. Highly skilled, and incredibly perceptive, the Deductionist overcomes his adversaries with brilliance, rather than brawn. The Deductionist is a fun class which possesses a wide array of abilities and talents. Their main attribute, "Reason" grants them a preternatural ability to defeat his foes.

Each Deductionist is a master of a chosen discipline of knowledge, with almost sage-like ability. With almost 40 deductive abilities to overcome their foes, no single Deductionist will ever be the same. Confound your opponents with your knowledge, avoid their clumsy swings with danger sense, exploit their weaknesses and even learn mystic abilities, This sourcebook also includes 17 new feats, 13 new pieces of equipment and three new archetypes.

The Operative, a stealthy infiltrator who uses charm and charisma to accomplish her objectives. The Eldritch Inspector, a magician who uses spells and tricks to solve his mysteries. Finally, the Shadowed Avenger takes to the streets as an investigator-turned-vigilante.

The Deductionist - base class was written by KC Rift of Kobold Company in 2012-13 and originally published by Total Party Kill Games.

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