Friday, December 19, 2014

The K-Box Kickstarter is LIVE!

UPDATE! I've added a new $50 reward option! Check out the new Mobile GM KBOX! $50 reward for up to 10 special people!

The Kickstarter campaign for the K-Box is live! Please help support this project and Kobold Company by spreading the word!

Funding this project means Kobold Company will get the tools needed to create this product professionally - the demo box (pictured here) was cut and put together by hand, but funding here would mean automating the process to a certain extent, and making a more professional, finalized product.

In addition, each K-Box is customizable by YOU to include your name, picture, art, or other feature you might come up with. With the CNC machine (funded by this project), we can add just about anything you want to the exterior of the box!

Please check out our Kickstarter campaign by clicking here:

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