Thursday, April 16, 2015

The NEW Boba Fett revealed in the Star Wars Force Awakens trailer

The second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out today and it's a DOOZY!

Did you know it had Boba Fett in it??? The announcement (or hints of an announcement) have already been made they will be spinning off a Boba Fett movie (along with a Rogue Squadron movie), so it stands to reason we'd see him in this movie!! We all know he was more than capable of escaping the Sarlacc Pit!

We have Vader, Storm Troopers, Star Destroyers, Sith, Jedi, TIE Fighters, TIE Pilots, more X-Wings, more of the Millenium Falcon, HAN SOLO AND heard it here first, BOBA FETT! More on that below, but check out some of the screens from the new Teaser/Trailer #2!

Here appears to be a great view of an (Imperial?) base complete with stormtroopers and a new imperial design - with what appears to be some sort of leader-type fella in the background.

We also have a great action shot of our two new heroes Finn and Rey with the new (astromech?) droid, BB-8 - complete with a TIE fighter bearing down on their position (top left).

Alas, poor Vader...I know him well, Skywalker. SOMEONE goes back to the pyre site and picks Vader's helmet out from the debris!!

Who do we have here? Our new Sith? I'm not sure, but it sure looks a HELL of a lot like Lord Vindican from Knights of the Old Republic!! Is this a TRUE Sith??

Lord Vindican in his armor (minutes before his death by Darth Malgus)

Lord Vindican, true Sith, during his last fight with the Jedi.

At any rate - the similarities are there, but everything is pure speculation at this point. 


...getting back to the TRAILER....

The new TIE fighters have a reversed color scheme from the traditional "gray with black solar panel wings" we've known for over 30 years. I don't hate it...just not sure why the need for a change. It's reminiscent of the way the 90's Batman movies kept changing (and getting shittier) as time went one with more and more neon lights (I'm talking about YOU, "Batman and Robin"..../puke)

Oh God... 

TIE fighters ALSO now have turrets. Pay close attention to the first pic with the very familiar and world-recognized geometric window pattern. In the above pic, we see the new design for the twin-ion engines and the lasers obviously firing to the rear. (By the way, if you've seen this clip, it's pretty clear the pilot in that thing is DRUNK!! LOL)

Lastly (before Boba), we have this INCREDIBLE shot of a wrecked X-Wing in the foreground and the titanic derelict of an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer. This shot is gorgeous. 


OK, so here we are at the end of the post! I submit to you that one of the BIGGEST "Easter Eggs" in the new Teaser/Trailer #2 is the appearance of none other than BOBA FETT himself! I am basing my hypothesis on two separate lines of the thought here. First and foremost is the appearance of the mysterious individual in the trailer, himself and the OTHER is the history of the Storm/Clone Trooper armor.

We'll start with the latter and work our way up out of this Sarlaac Pit. The original concept of the armor for the Republic's shock troopers was designed by a Mandalorian, Jango Fett - and as we all know - Boba's father. It was made from 22 different pieces of armor and bore a striking resemblance to the Mandalorian armor:

 Original, Phase I Clone Trooper Armor 

 Compared to the Mandalorian warrior battle-ratter, it's pretty obviously  a derivative. 

 With that little nugget out of the way, let's take a look at two images from the new Teaser/Trailer #2!

Here's a screen shot of the new troopers again. White armor, check. Definitely a Stormtrooper. Standard issue rifle with no stock - almost pistol-like. Other pics show a comparatively long barrel too.

Wait just a tick...what or who do we have here? Looks like a Stormtrooper, but the armor is reflective or even silver.

The helmet is two-toned, but it's hard to tell exactly what colors are represented - there is clearly different colors on the parietal portions of the helmet compare to the top.

The rifle is NOT standard issue; it has a stock, a similar scope, but a shorter barrel. It looks a LOT like Boba's iconic rifle.

He also has a lot of "tricks" on his utility belt too. Way more than the Stormtroopers do in the video.

Lastly - he has what appears to be a red and green cape!

Boba Fett's original gun - all updated and modern for the new movie (above)

Boba Fett in all his glory. Similar pose to the one above. 

I am hypothesizing that we are looking at the new armor Boba Fett is going to ride into this new movie with! We KNOW the original Clone Trooper armor was designed by a Mandalorian - we know they're expecting to roll a spin-off movie - and the appearance of this mysterious stranger fills the final checkbox of character rolls we would expect to see in the movie following the RotJ - we have the Sith Lord, we have Luke and Leia, Han and Chewie, we have our new heroes, we have the Stormtroopers, we have the droids...all we need is the bounty hunter.

EDIT and UPDATE: Turns out that's Captain Phasma...and a female. So NO, not Boba Fett. LOL. Still, it was fun putting this together!

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